How I Can Help

As a farmer with a family business I know first-hand how stressful the challenges of succession can be.

Everyone matters

I am straightforward and patient, bringing expertise, professionalism as well as lightness and humour to what can be difficult conversations.  I believe everyone’s contribution matters and when I work with you I will ensure everyone engages with the process and feels heard.

It is best to start the process sooner rather than later – an earlier start gives you more options and time to implement and refine the plan over time.

What to expect:

Discovery Phase

  • Talking confidentially to all family and non-family members as couples or individually
  • Review present farm business and clarify ownership of assets
  • Review of your current professional legal and financial support

Family Meetings & Planning Phase

  • Facilitate meetings where all those affected by the succession are present in the room
  • Ensure that the meetings run smoothly, and everyone has an opportunity to voice their interests and concerns
  • Create a respectful and safe environment to encourage open and honest communication
  • Widen perspectives and explore the broader potential of your business
  • Bring in appropriate expertise to prepare for smooth transition; e.g. solicitors, accountants

Commitment and Action Phase

• Help to generate your plan and clarify next steps.
• To be available for follow up support as needed.

For a free, no obligation chat or meeting – simply give me a call